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What Not to Do When Debating Marijuana Legalization

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On a local radio show this week, the open phones segment lead to a discussion regarding marijuana policy in Pennsylvania.  One caller provided such a spectacular example of how not to participate in such a debate that I can only hope he was kidding.  My criminal law experience, however, has lead me to the opposite conclusion.

When asked whether Pennsylvania has a marijuana problem, the caller–who had just identified himself and his hometown–said something to the effect of, “Yes, absolutely.  It’s way too expensive.  $40 for an eighth is way too much.”  The caller then proceeded to remark that nothing cures the winter blues like toking up next to the warm lamps in your grow house.  He quickly denied that he had such a facility, but later remarked that his “customers” were often “older guys with money” who are “pricing out the young guys like me.”

It’s one thing to acknowledge that you use an illegal drug.  It’s another to infer that you are manufacturing it and then admit to selling it.  This, my friends, is the difference between misdemeanor stupid and felony stupid.

You can listen to this exchange on the On the Mark website by clicking on the March 6th broadcast.  Start listening at the 17:48 mark.