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ENRADD Speed Traps

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Very recently, a police department in our area has begun using ENRADD speed timing devices to catch heavy-footed motorists.  While ENRADD has been around for a few years, this is the first that we’ve seen it used in or around Lycoming County.

ENRADD times vehicles with infrared rays positioned only three feet apart that extend across the roadway.  It requires two units to operate, but unlike the white painted lines needed to operate a stationary VASCAR system, ENRADD devices are very difficult for approaching motorists to detect because the units consist mainly of slim metal poles.

The small box-looking device on the right side of the picture is actually a wireless transmitter that is available on some ENRADD models.  Once a speed is registered, the transmitter relays that information to a nearby officer who is watching traffic.  Some models can be programmed to report the speed only when the vehicle passes a certain limit, making it even easier for officers to use.

Despite the technology ENRADD isn’t foolproof; it has its flaws just like anything else.  So if you get a speeding ticket and see ENRADD written on it, don’t lose hope.  Call someone familiar with the system and how it works so you can protect your driving record (and your insurance rates).