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What Is the “Textalyzer”?

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About two years ago we told you about a company who was trying to design a “texting radar” device that would allow police to detect when someone was sending a text message while driving. While that technology doesn’t appear to have progressed due to some fairly obvious problems, law enforcement is now looking at ways to access cell phone information after the fact.

The Textalyzer quickly analyzes cell phone data and reports on what apps had been used recently and when. In other words, in a matter of seconds, an officer will be able to know whether you were interacting with your phone while you were driving.

Absent significant changes in the law, an officer would have to obtain a warrant before examining the contents of your phone unless you give him consent to examine it using the Textalyzer or another device. Remember, consent can be as simple as handing over your phone if an officer asks to see it.