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Judges will be elected in the upcoming primary

by | Firm News |

The May 18 primaries are just around the corner, but citizens can also vote now using a no-excuse mail-in ballot. Voters can vote for their favorite political candidates, but they will be also elect judges to the Pennsylvania Appellate Courts. This firm believes that the evaluations and ratings done by the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) help voters evaluate which judges to vote for.

In this election, the PBA has stated that all three candidates for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court are “highly recommended,” and all four candidates for the Pennsylvania Superior Court are “recommended.” For the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, the PBA states that one candidate is “Not Recommended,” four are “Recommended” and one is “Highly Recommended.”

The firm of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland recommends that voters read all the PBA information about the candidates. It will not take long to read through it, and we think you’ll go to the polls better prepared to make an informed choice about who you should vote for. The winning candidates will serve 10-year terms as the top judges in the commonwealth, making a broad impact on Pennsylvania’s legal system and the people it serves. If they choose to run again, they run in nonpartisan yes-no retention elections they rarely lose.