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Our Real Estate Law Attorneys Can Help You

Buying a house, property or a business should be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, the purchase and sale of real estate can involve issues that often become complex, and you end up signing legal documents presented by a realtor. At this point, those documents should be reviewed by your lawyer.

The law office of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, P.C., has helped people and businesses buy and sell real estate for many years through our own title insurance division, Susquehanna Abstract Company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pennsylvania Real Estate

At Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, P.C., our attorneys are frequently asked myriad questions about real estate. Here are brief answers to several. For answers to you specific questions and legal counsel, speak with our attorneys.

Will it cost me more if I use a lawyer for closing instead of a title company?

The price of title insurance is regulated by state law, and our title insurance premiums are therefore the same as those charged by nonlawyer title insurance agents. Using our services, you have the advantage of having a lawyer review the transaction.

Do I need title insurance when buying real estate?

If you are borrowing money, the lender will require you to have title insurance. Even if you’re not borrowing money, we generally recommend that you purchase title insurance.

What does a lawyer do in a real estate transaction?

Simply, a lawyer makes sure you’re getting a good title with no claims against it. Keep in mind that your lawyer is ethically and legally bound to give you objective advice and loyalty in the transaction.

What expenses are involved with buying a home?

Expenses range from the cost of home inspections, various taxes, adjustments for other items already paid for by the seller and charges by the mortgage provider, including “points,” and fire and homeowner’s insurance.

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