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Susquehanna Abstract Company Provides Trusted Real Estate Services

Susquehanna Abstract Company is a division of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, P.C., that provides title insurance and other real estate services. Trust in our years of experience in real estate transactions to secure you the title insurance you need and the legal guidance through the process of buying or selling a property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Matters

At Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, P.C., our legal team works in tandem with Susquehanna Abstract Company to provide our clients with the services they need to complete their real estate transactions. Our attorneys answer some frequently asked questions here. For further information and legal advice, contact our legal team.

Will it cost me more if I use a lawyer for closing instead of a title company?

The price of title insurance is regulated by state law, and we typically charge a similar rate as any other title insurance company. Using our services, you have the advantage of having a lawyer review the transaction.

Do I need title insurance when buying real estate?

If you are borrowing money, the lender will require you to have title insurance.

What does a lawyer do in real estate transactions?

Simply, a lawyer makes sure you’re getting a good title with no claims against it. Keep in mind that your lawyer is ethically and legally bound to give you objective advice and loyalty in the transaction.

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